Sustainability to load
Sustainability to tensile load is 30% higher than normative index.
Durability and elasticity
High durability and increase of inside and outside pressure – tensile strength 6 times higher than operating pressure. Melt flow index at 190 С is 0,8 g/10min.
Chemical sustainability and durability
Pipes are corrosion resistant; they do not suffer from contact with aggressive environment and do not wear out during operation.  Estimated operational term is 50 years.
Capacity increase
Significant decrease of pipe wall thickness (through reinforcement) and therefore capacity increase without increase of outside diameter.
Simplicity and profitability
Save up to 15% of the pipe cost by eliminating of trenches preparation for pipe foundation and backfill with soil. Pipes do not require cathode protection and are not affected by stray current; therefore, they do not actually require permanent maintenance.

Reinforced polyethylene pipes are an ideal solution for industrial objects, water supply and sewerage system. Tightening of ecology regulations connected with toxic, corrosive and abrasive materials makes high-quality and cost-effective pipeline solutions vital.  Nowadays reliable, guaranteed water supply and sanitation provided to population and industry requires certified and high-capacity pipeline systems which are quickly mounted and do not require further additional maintenance and repair costs.

Reinforced polyethylene pipes produced by our company are intended for building, reconstruction and overhaul of cold water supply systems including drinking water supply and sewerage. Pipes of diameters from 90 mm to 630 mm can stand pressure of 10, 12, 16, 25 atm. They are reinforced with steel wire and can stand tensile strength from 100 to 30 atm. respectively. Pipes are manufactured of PE-80 or PE-100 on automatic production lines in three stages. The first layer, polyethylene pipe of specified diameter, is manufactured at the first stage. Then a workpiece is reinforced with steel wire and covered with resin (basic component of which is polyethylene) and after that a top layer is applied.   

Hence, this new pipe organically combines advantages of various materials – high durability of steel and anticorrosive properties of polymers. Ring stiffness indicator for sewer pipes made of polymers is SN 8. Since carbon steel elasticity module 200 times higher than polyethylene module (190000 MPa, while it is 800 MPa for polyethylene), so ring stiffness indicator of the pipe reinforced with steel tape can easily exceed SN 16.  Due to anticorrosion properties of polymers the pipes can be mounted into corrosive soils and hold corrosive liquids.  
Finally, combining the advantages of steel and polymers we have a pipe with excellent performance and lower cost.