The main feature of the pipes declared is steel wire reinforcement for water pipes and steel tape reinforcement for sewer pipes. Application of steel reinforcement can significantly reduce the wall thickness and therefore increase its capacity without increase of outside diameter as well as increase reasonable internal and external pressure.

In comparison with steel and cast iron pipes which are typical for Ukraine polyethylene reinforced pipes were highly estimated by specialists of design and operational organizations and have advantages in price, backfill cost, durability, etc.

Polyethylene reinforced pipes having good hydraulic, physical and technical characteristics correspond to the highest technical requirements and are of high durability and elasticity, resistant to corrosive and aggressive environment. The pipes do not require cathode protection. Polyethylene flexibility provides integrity of pipes during ground motions.

The external layer of the manufactured pipes is painted black that provides protection against ultraviolet rays. The internal surface is painted yellow providing conditions for qualitative video diagnostics.

Outputting products correspond to the world level that is proved by customers’ feedback and certificates of conformity.

Polyethylene steel reinforced pipes can be used for intra- and main water supply networks, gravity sewer collectors (showery, household and fecal, industrial) both in municipal services and industry for seawater outfall.

Technical and operational characteristics of pipes:

№  Properties Units Technical indicator Testing method
1 Working pressure МPa 1,0-2,5  
2 Material thickness kg/m3 954  
3 Melt flow rate g/min 0,5  
4 Coefficient of linear thermal expansion  mm/m∙0С 0,13  
5 Ultimate tensile strength Н/mm2 23  
6 Length change after heating % < 3 GOST 27078 and    cl. 8.5 GOST 18599-2001
7 Relative elongation  % > 250 GOST 11262 and cl.8.4 GOST 18599-2001
8 Hardness  Shore D 59  
9 Vicat softening temperature оС 128  
10 Sustainability at constant internal pressure 12,4 MPa and temperature 20о С  hour > 100 GOST 24157 cl.8.6 GOST 18599-2001
11 Sustainability at constant internal pressure (initial voltage in a pipe wall) 5,0 MPa and temperature 80о С    hour > 1000 GOST 24157 cl.8.6 GOST 18599-2001
12 Hazard class: GOST 12.1.005  and GOST 12.1.044   4