Advantages of polyethylene water and sewer pipes reinforced with steel wire and steel tape:

  • High durability and increase of internal and external pressure – tensile strength 6 times higher than working pressure;

  • Elasticity – melt flow rate at 190oС is 0,8 g/10min;

  • Sustainability to tensile load is 30% higher than normative index;

  • Significant decrease of pipe wall thickness (through reinforcement) and therefore capacity increase without increase of outside diameter; 

  • Durability - estimated operational term is 50 years;

  • Chemical sustainability - pipes are corrosion resistant; they do not suffer from contact with aggressive environment and do not wear out during operation;

  • Pipes do not require cathode protection and are not affected by stray current; therefore, they do not actually require permanent maintenance; 

  • In comparison with laying of non-reinforced pipes we save up to 15% of the pipe cost by eliminating of trenches preparation for pipe foundation and backfill with soil.